Pack you Bags for an Adventure

It can be pretty stressful to try to plan for everything when you’re packing for vacation. There are so many “what ifs” to consider, it can kill your vacation vibes before you even leave. Last month, we gave you some of our best travel tips. This month, we decided to give you the three things we consider essential for a happy trip. Check them out, and feel free to add yours!
The ocean, the sand, the sunshine, the easy, laid-back vibes….what’s not to love about a beach getaway? There’s a reason why it’s the traditional way to spend your summer vacation days.
Your essential checklist:
● Flip flops: if you don’t want to ruin your favorite shoes, flips flops are a must for the beach. Cheap flip flops are also great for leaving outside so you don’t track sand inside.
● A light jacket and/or umbrella: beach weather can be unpredictable – wind and rain can come suddenly. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so pack something in case
● A big blanket: This is one that seems so obvious that it’s often overlooked. Pack a big blanket for beach picnics and lounging!
The mountains are every-nature lover’s dream vacation. Whether you’re roughing it in the wilderness or staying in a posh lodge, the activities are pretty
Your essential checklist:
● Extra socks: especially if you’re camping, extra socks can be a lifesaver – you don’t want to walk around all day in wet socks, or even worse – no socks!
● First Aid Kit: The best part about the mountains are all the things you can do – kayaking, hiking, rock climbing – the list goes on an on. Bring a long a first aid kit for small accidents or blisters.
● Solar-powered or portable charger: There aren’t any outlets in the woods, so make sure you have a way to charge your phone – whether you need for listening to musing, finding directions, or taking pictures!
Road Trip:
It seems like the very words “road trip” set the stage for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Whether you’re going with your family or your friends, road trips are a fun way to see the country first hand. Plus they’re like a three part vacation: getting there, your destination, and heading home!
Your essential checklist:
● Comfort items: even if you’re having a blast, chances are you’re going to want to sleep from time to time. Pack your favorite blanket and pillow so you can sleep in peace.
● (Healthy) Snacks: Loading up on snacks from the gas station might be a road trip tradition, but eating a ton of junk food when you’re staying seated for long periods of time will just make you feel sluggish – not how you want to feel during your vacation!
● Travel Apps: They make a slew of apps that help you make the most out of your road trip – from finding out where the best gas prices are, to finding local eats, to making sure you miss out on a single landmark! Find some of the best travel apps here.