How to Take Your Best Holiday Pics Yet


Holiday pictures are a tradition to many families. Whether you’re sending out holidays cards or just want a family portrait to post on Facebook, professional photos are a nice way to let the world see your family looking their best.

Skip the Matching Outfits

Matching outfits can be cute, but more often than not, they come off looking forced and uncomfortable. Instead of dressing everyone in exactly the same outfit, opt for coordinating outfits that show your loved one’s individual personality. For instance, you can all wear ugly holiday sweaters, but you don’t all have to wear the same one. In the same vein, you don’t all have to wear the same colors to look festive – just have everyone stick to a color scheme.

Think Comfortably

The picture taking process can be a long one – especially with young children. It’s important to make sure your outfit is not just cute, but comfortable.

If you’re having your pictures taken outside, dress for weather variables. Strong wind can make wearing a dress uncomfortable, and walking through grass can make you regret wearing heels.
As you’ll most likely be sitting down, moving around, and standing back up a lot, wear an outfit that moves with you – one that you don’t have to adjust constantly.

Have Some Fun!

It’s always nice to have a picture of your whole family smiling happily into the camera, but it’s good to have a lot of fun with it too! Even with all of today’s technology, it’s still hard to get everyone together for a family picture – so make the most of it. Take a few fun shots that will let your family’s personality shine through for years to come.

How did yours turn out?
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