How to Kick the Winter Blues

For most of us, the cold weather gets old, fast. No one likes to be stuck inside all day.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite ways to kick the winter blues. Have a suggestion of your own? Let us know in the comments!

Get Out and Enjoy the Snow!

There’s only a few months a year when you can enjoy the snow, so make the most of it! Channel your inner child, bundle the family up and head outside.

Stick to your own backyard and have a snowman building contest, a snowball fight, or work together to build an igloo. You could also make a day of it and plan a trip to go sledding, tubing or skiing.

Explore Your Town

When it’s too cold to be outside for very long, but you don’t want to be cooped up at home, take the opportunity to explore your town! Many museums and science centers offer free or reduced admission during their off-seasons (winter), so take advantage of your local deals.

Invent New Games!

They say that boredom breeds creativity, and for good reason! Use the time you spend indoors to create fun and engaging games for the whole family. Host a bake-off, where everyone makes their favorite kind of cookie, write a few clues and have a scavenger hunt, or challenge everyone to see what they can make with odds and ends.

Go Camping…In Your Living Room!

It may be too cold to camp outside, but you can bring the adventure to your very own living room. Set up a tent, load it with pillows and blankets, and get ready for a fun night! Try watching classic movies, listening to campfire songs, or telling each other stories.

As far as food goes, stick to classics like hotdogs and hamburgers to enhance the camping experience. Pop popcorn for a snack, or try one of our delicious indoor s’mores recipes!