Holiday Entertaining Tips

Holiday parties shouldn’t be stuffy, boring affairs. Create a laid back and lively throw down with help from Earl Jean!

Step One: Relax! You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to host a fabulous holiday party! So relax – in fact, relaxing is the key to being a fun host! So don’t worry about having the perfect appetizer arrangement or having the kids behave like angels. Creating a fun and relaxed party vibe is all about chilling out yourself! Be up for whatever the night holds and enjoy being around the people you love.

Step Two: Turn on the music! What’s a party without music? Sure, holiday favorites should be on the playlist, but don’t get carried away with Joy to the World. Create a party playlist that includes some classic holiday tunes alongside some classic party anthems. Think Bon Jovi after Jingle Bells, or Jay Z following Frank Sinatra. It’s a great way to remind your guests it’s time to have fun and not just a dull holiday ritual!

Step Three: Decorate! From majestic trees to simple candles, there’s obviously more than one way to set a festive holiday mood. The holidays are a great time to use rustic accent pieces to celebrate the winter season. Pine needles and loose fir branches look cool and smell delightful, too. Candles set a lovely low-key vibe. Place them around your tables and mix with food and drink platters, too. It will look warm inviting and fun!