Getting Guest Ready


The season of holiday entertaining is quickly approaching, and with so much to do, things can get a little hectic. We’ve gathered some of our favorite tips to help make getting your home guest-ready more manageable:

Invest in Disposables

When a holiday revolves around eating, dishes start piling up in no time at all. Skip the clean-up this year by investing in dinnerware that can be recycled after use. Not only does going disposable save precious time, but you won’t have to worry about anyone accidentally breaking a dish.

Safety First

Children are wonderful, but they tend to get a little wild during holiday get-togethers. Make time for a quick walk through of your house to ensure there’s nothing that a little one could break, get into, or get injured on. This will save you a lot of worry on the big day.

Think Ahead

While some things can’t be done until the day of, spreading your to-do list out over a couple of weeks will save you from going crazy.

For instance, if you can, start to clean areas that need more work, or are low-traffic on an everyday basis, a little each day.

Try to get a complete RSVP list as far in advance as possible. This will help you figure out if you have enough seating, what everyone else is bringing, and how to plan the menu.

You can also do little things, like deciding what you and/or your kids are wearing, in advance.

Pamper Yourself

As the hostess, you’ve had everyone’s best interests at heart all day long, but it’s a holiday for you, too! Make a little time for yourself in between all of the festivity preparation and guest arrivals to get into the holiday spirit. Whether you need to pour yourself a glass of wine and turn on some music, change into that special dress, or just sneak out for a quick, quiet stroll, make sure you’re relaxed and ready to enjoy the day.