DIY Ornaments



They say the best gifts in life are handmade, so doesn’t the same go for the best decorations? Decorate your home with these festive, handmade ornament ideas for a holiday season to remember!

Something Sweet!

Sweet treats are a cornerstone of the holiday season. Incorporate them into your decor by making fun ornaments.

Butter cookies, tied with string make adorable ornaments. Just remember to throw them out at the end of the season! For a more long-lasting sweet creation, create a salt dough (here’s a recipe) to create adorable gingerbread men that will last for years to come.


Felt is an inexpensive, fun way to create ornaments this season – the only limitation is your imagination!

You can cut out any shape your heart desires – wreaths, candy canes, gingerbread men , coffee mugs, reindeer – and decorate from there. Use more felt to create the details, or decorate your ornaments with beads, glitter, and other craft supplies.

Clear from Here!

Clear, spherical ornaments are easily ordered in bulk for just a few cents a piece. They’re amazingly versatile, and kids and adults alike can enjoy filling and decorating them.

For instance, you can fill them sprinkles, confetti or glitter for a colorful addition. Use a little clear glue or modge podge to make it stick on the glass, or just fill them up about half way. You can also fill them with pieces of evergreen branches or holly for a lovely look. To make the pieces stand out, spray paint the tips with a little white paint before placing them in the ornament.