DIY Nail Polish Tricks: Glitter!

There’s nothing like giving yourself a fabulous manicure to lift your spirits from the winter blues. We always see pictures of cool nail art on Pinterest that we’d love to try, but some of them just look so darn hard!

However, since we do love glittery blingy things (especially on our jeans!), we decided to have one of our EJ interns give this SUPER EASY Glitter Sponging Tutorial a try.

Photo credit: Nail Wish at

For those of us who have tried using glitter polish before, the results are always disappointing. Just one coat of the polish doesn’t give nearly enough coverage on the nail, and putting on a million layers of polish leaves your nails a thick and gooey mess.

The instructions of the tutorial are simple:

All you need is a makeup sponge and a glitter polish of your choice. We went with Julep’s “Mila – It Girl”.

Then we followed the instructions (putting the paint on the sponge and then dabbing the sponge onto the nail).

…And wow! It definitely makes a difference. As you can see, when we only put on one layer of paint using the nail polish brush, the effect is very sparse. But one layer with the makeup sponge gave us glitter galore!

**Extra Tip: Before our intern began painting, she wiped some lotion around her fingertips. We definitely recommend that you do this for easier cleanup! Glitter polish is extra difficult to clean and can really stick to your skin. A layer of lotion around your fingertips will keep the polish from sticking. We recommend Aquaphor (which stays on better than regular lotion but isn’t as greasy as petroleum jelly. Full instructions here)!**

All in all, we were very pleased with the results! Send us a picture of your blingin’ nails!