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Dominate Year End Sale with these three tips! When the celebrations end the sales start, so don’t let the end of the holiday season get you down – it’s time to shop!

You’ll find some of the best deals of the year immediately before and after New Year’s Day. It’s not just clothes either – electronics, home goods, and, of course, holiday items are seriously discounted once the rush of gift shopping ends. So many sales, so little time! Here’s a cheat sheet to dominate the sales racks this year!

Start early – In preparation for weekend sales, stores oftentimes start the markdowns early. Get in on the best selection and hit the mall Thursday night after work. To really get the best selection, you can purchase items before the sales even start – many stores will honor store prices if the items are bought within a week or two of the sale start date. Check with stores first to see if this trick will work!

Focus on the classics – When it comes to clothes, sale time is all about timeless pieces. Sure, you might score something ultra trendy for super cheap, but what if it’s out of style the next time you have an opportunity to rock it? It’s a better bet to focus on pieces that never go out of style. Versatile higher end items like black dresses, boots or leather jackets are worth splurging on this time of year if the price is right.

Doesn’t hurt to ask – Looking for a certain piece or size but don’t see it on the clearance rack? Ask a clerk if it’s available at another store or if the price would be honored online. You might be surprised what the stores can do for you, especially if you’re planning to purchase multiple items.